$1.50 slice

Banana Walnut Bread            - Slices -

gluten Free. Soft and almost juicy Banana Bread with all natural elements. Packed                       with protein

Banana Walnut Bread             - loaf -



Love it? Get it by the loaf to share with friends or make a weekly breakfast out of it.   Protein packed, easy to eat.

Bagel with Cream Cheese


We use very fresh, crunchy with a good bite bagels lathered in cream cheese (plant-based)


Berry Blast

Mix of anti-oxidant, cancer fighting berries with hydrating coconut water and banana. Our top seller!

Cinna Special

Cinnamon with banana and vanilla making this taste like ice cream melted on pie (without the added sugar)

Comforts and hydrates



Green Machine

kale and spinach are tough to mask, but instead of hiding the flavor, we complemented it with white grape juice and banana. Delicious, nutritious


 Paleo milkshake

Chocolate protein (garden of life) almonds, coconut, maple syrup make this protein smoothie a tasty chocolate treat. a little sea salt and maple make it unforgettable!

Along with these delicious         treats, we also offer hot            chocolate, hot/iced tea,            hot/iced coffee, hot/iced            lattes(our flavor shots            include  vanilla, hazelnut,           caramel, gingerbread,             pumpkin spice, coconut, and      toasted marshmallow).

*Some items may be seasonal